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ChengMei Industry Co., Ltd. is a set up camping gas appliances in Hong Kong from 1987, the factory moved to the exploitation scope of Jiangmen City Guangdong and outdoor life such as camping and garden of fuel gas appliances.
With over 45 years of collective experience, Sheng magnesium constant pursuit of excellence in industrial scale continues to expand, pride themselves to improve manufacturing capacity, good research and development capabilities, high performance, high quality, attractive prices, quality service, the product has become the world's best-selling book.
Products professional camping activities, leisure garden and BBQ activities, such as camping stoves, camping lantern, camping heaters, patio heaters, garden torch, garden lights, barbecue pits of outdoor and indoor hardware, such as a pot of coffee, folding table, thermometer, gas valves, plastic parts, rubber parts, such as
In addition to selling products, Sheng magnesium team that was always ready for various OEM and ODM project. You look at your current and future needs, and we will be here with you!
Sheng magnesium industry group is a joint venture, was founded in 1987. It is located in the beautiful beautiful city, Jiang people, china. We have been running for more than 20 years, with nearly 100000 square meters of factory area, in the city center and suburban Du Ruanzhenlong Industrial Zone, eight kilometers of two factories.
We produce a series of projects and sell the world's countries and regions.
Now, the group of three major manufacturing industries:
1 factory automation equipment (Sheng magnesium Mechanical) 2 with plastic and rubber Hardware Factory
3 gas generally with factory automation machinery equipment factory (Sheng magnesium machinery)
Will be released for Sheng magnesium group board of policy, automatic mechanical equipment factory was founded in 2006,
The operation is aimed at high-tech equipment manufacturing machine, combined with low carbon green fresh production area. We have strong production capacity, including general technology, the introduction of domestic and foreign technical personnel, and from the United States and Japan to introduce some of the latest technology.
In any case, we adhere to the independent research and development, the development of new energy industry, intellectual property rights, become our great goal for the future.
Megan is constantly looking for a new development point of the general operation.
The basic mechanical processing equipment, it increases the research ability and expand the. We are concerned about the technical personnel from the field of international environment absorb the powerful voice of the.
At present, as a famous brand with excellent quality, construction occupies the dominant position in the environment and energy production automation equipment industry.
Our large series of mechanical products, such as multi-functional industrial vacuum furnace and planetary automatic vacuum mixer, can be applied to the polymer lithium ion battery industry, fine chemical industry, rubber industry, paint, printing ink, paint, pigment, dye, medicine, food, cosmetics and other industries.
Plastic and rubber Hardware Factory
Megan of plastics and rubber manufacturing famous manufacturers. We have many series of large-scale production of plastic electrical and countless rubber parts, such as Home Furnishing hardware plastic products, floor protection product number.
In recent years, we focus on the development of rubber products of the intersection, and get in the rapid development of the plastics and rubber industries, plus all kinds of plastic and rubber wheel new series. All kinds of plastic and rubber goods we have become series, and deversify multi racial development.
According to many years of business efforts, becoming America Group has been in quantity and quality as a great step of mold manufacturing capability, manufacturing capacity for products. Our products have won the international certification such as RoHS, FDA, widely used in various industries and accept the current.
Our rubber and plastic products selling the domestic market as well as Europe, America, Australia and Japan market, gained a great reputation.
General gas equipment manufacturing factory
Sheng magnesium Gas Appliance Factory Hongkong 1963 outdoor gas appliance manufacturer.
In 1987, the factory was moved to Guangdong in Jiangmen City, and made a series of outdoor life (camping and garden gas appliances).
Sheng magnesium constant pursuit of excellence in industrial scale continues to expand, proud to improve manufacturing capacity, program flexibility, high performance, high quality, attractive prices, quality service, the product has become the world's best-selling.
Professional camping, leisure garden and barbecue, has obtained the approval to the secular state, such as AGA, CE, CSA