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This year the hardware industry small scattered weak features

In recent years, the development of hardware industry quickly and orderly, but the development of the problem still exists, the overall point of view, mainly has the following prominent problems:
One is the extensive mode of development has not changed, equipment backward technology, product quality is not stable.
More than 80% of enterprises is depend on the rural surplus labor transfer, developed after the 90s of the 20th century, starting point is low, most of the equipment is secondhand equipment, or soon to be obsolete equipment, resulting in a product quality is not stable. Due to poor equipment caused by mould and process backward, not only the service life of the die is short, in the operation of the defective rate is high, and the waste phenomenon serious.
With rising raw material and energy prices in recent years, the industry's profit space is narrow. Enterprises do not have a reasonable profit, and maintain the normal operation of the enterprise is a problem, more can not be put into more capital equipment and tooling investment, not only the quality of the products can not be guaranteed, and products with low technological content, homogenization phenomenon is serious, the formation of low price competition and even beat the price war that blind expansion.
The two is the industry concentration is low, the enterprise scale structure is unreasonable, resulting in low efficiency of scale.
In small and medium enterprises in the industry are mainly, the market share of leading enterprises accounted for no absolute advantage, this kind of small, weak, and scattered the enterprise structure leads to the Chinese enterprises in the products in the international market, value-added is not high, weak competitiveness and economic benefits poor situation.
The basic properties of the hardware manufacturers are private enterprises, and mainly to small and medium enterprises, expand the scale of production, long heavy light, light into the innovation of science and technology funds; expansion, improve the light weight. Such as Zhejiang Province, as a big province of production hardware products, in 2010 over the size of the province more than 3000 hardware production enterprises, in science and technology funding only accounted for 0.67% of the total sales, research funding and 2% in developed countries, the gap is very poor. The blind pursuit of quantity expansion to seize the market, do not pay attention to product development, quality improvement is not done, can only repeat the production of low-end products.
The production has obvious regional characteristics, "get together" phenomenon is more prominent, the development of spontaneous causing blind and repeated construction investment. While most of the hardware manufacturers and has the characteristics of small scale, weak anti risk ability of enterprises.
The personnel structure is not reasonable, the development of the enterprise caused by lack of stamina. Hardware production enterprises still in the labor intensive as the main body, with the expansion of enterprise scale, the improvement of the technology level and the level of equipment modernization, difficulty and requirements, enterprises need a variety of senior technical personnel, business personnel and management personnel, and the lack of staff in this regard, which restrict the development of enterprises, resulting in lack of development potential. Many small and medium-sized enterprises are from the family workshop to develop and management are members of the family, the phenomenon of cronyism in largely affected the efficiency of the enterprise.
The three is the product homogenization phenomenon is very prominent, surplus of low-grade products, high-end products lack. Low profit enterprises in the sectors of the industry division of labor, and facing the challenge of the market at home and abroad two.
There are kinds of hardware products, but for a long time, the proportion of affordable products has been very high. High grade products accounted for the low proportion, the production of basic concentrated in the industry leading enterprises. Overcapacity in low-grade products, exacerbated by the same industry in the domestic and international market disorderly price competition, resulting in a significant decline in corporate profits, while the high-end product market is basically dominated by foreign products.
Industry in the proportion of exports accounted for about 40%-50%, product homogeneity and cheap tendency obvious. In the international market division of labor system in the low-end products, not only low competitiveness, easily lead to trade friction, but once the international market changes, will bring more risk to the development of the industry.
Because there is no brand, more than 90% of the export products to OEM based. Such as Zhejiang Province, hardware tools, construction hardware, locks, so holding cups, cutlery, zippers and other exports were the first in the whole country, the quality of some products has been close to the level of developed countries. But in the development of low profit products OEM chain link. Even OEM and the developed countries there is a huge price gap, as for the OEM production Zippo Lighters, Wenzhou OEM price is $1, and Japan OEM price is $10.
Due to the three-point line in the form of OEM, causing enterprises orders, production and delivery of a simple and passive export model, do not understand the end market demand, leads to the production of passive and low efficiency, the financial crisis has brought a new export market weakness. In the development of the domestic market, but also encountered channel investment and construction as well as the brand has no influence and other issues.
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