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Cabinet hardware to buy Raiders interpretation

The trick: focus on brand awareness
Wardrobe hardware brand because of its ban received the market test, consumer groups of accumulation and has good reputation, at present, good brand wardrobe hardware feel thick, surface lubrication, the bearing ability, wardrobe door stretch freely, door won't appear smooth debut situation, some kitchen cabinets, wardrobe hardware in the design even reached the mute effect. Inferior hardware generally made of thin metal cheap metal door, stretching jerky, and even unpleasant voice. Therefore, consumers in the purchase of the wardrobe, in the election of the brand at the same time, should also pay attention to identify the brand.
Two skills: appearance quality discrimination performance
In the selection of good appearance and performance wardrobe hardware, mainly to see whether the appearance of defects, electroplating luster, surface smoothness and how. As in the purchase of lock, to see the brightness of the surface, whether fine lubrication, no spots. And in the purchase of hinge class, from the appearance, quality hinges and inferior hinge has no too big difference, the only difference is examine the thickness. The hinge as the surface of a thick coating, so it is not easy to rust, stable and strong bearing ability.
Three skills: to test the touch feeling
Such as in the purchase of a handle class, the handle on the market with plastic handle, zinc alloy handle, aluminum alloy handle, stainless steel handle, most commonly used to number of zinc alloy handle, the surface coating technology is the key, if the surface of the plated metal layer inappropriate, happen extremely easily fall off. The kitchen of the soy sauce, salt with certain corrosive spices, even the hands of salty sweat, will make the zinc alloy handle has no light. Therefore, the application of hand really experience the effect of the change in the brightness of the handle.
Four skills: experience the door opening and closing effect
About selection of custom wardrobe accessories with high requirements for sealing performance slide, locks, hinges, opening and closing, pull many times feel its flexibility and convenience. For example, the purchase of sliding doors, in particular, should pay attention to experience the effect, not only to experience the sliding effect, but also to listen to the sound when the sound. High quality sliding door hardware reflects the perfect combination of track and pulley, rather than simply a part of the. The track must have a perfect curve with the pulley, followed by the material problem.
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