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Soft outfit heat occupied Home Furnishing market Home Furnishing practical jewelry popular market

With "soft decoration" to occupy the home market, home accessories becomes the market trend and the "role models", but for the overall home space, both creative and practical household items can not only strengthen the visual effect, but also endowed with cultural significance increasingly design division and consumer favorite.
Home accessories industry in foreign countries has been an independent and mature industry, in the country, with fewer and fewer blank Housing, refined decoration housing has gradually become the mainstream of new commercial housing market. Fits of home decoration is difficult to meet the pursuit of personality and taste of consumers, home accessories can make up for this lack of.
The future of the renovation will be mass production of the factory mode of operation, however, with the improvement of the people spiritual, of personalized requirements will increasingly high, they will pursue their living space more and more personality, to meet the needs of their own lives, but also to meet the psychological needs. Between the two is certainly exists contradiction, is the best balance the contradiction of soft decoration, home decoration is the crowning touch. So, in the future in the industry, there will be a number of designers to meet the needs of more and more market.
When there are more and more decorative home furnishings on the market, many designers said that the choice of soft decorations are less and less, because, floating in the table, the functional is increasingly weakened. Face all kinds of Art Exhibition Center, soft outfit store more and more not practical soft adornment, some designers even said, may not have, can only contact the manufacturer design and production of soft decoration, especially home furnishing accessories.
One side is in possession of a huge potential Home Furnishing jewelry market certainly, the other side is the excessive reclamation enterprise chaos. More and more manufacturers began to realize that home accessories to go home, you must take on both functional and decorative responsibility. After all, an item in the home space, if only play an area of the role of landscaping, but not practical and effective, in addition to the luxury residential area to enjoy the space, the general residential or can not afford to. Moreover, with the popularity of small Huxing property, cherish the living space, "space saving", "practical" equivalent to the real people are looking forward to.
Home pots and pans ordinary although it has practicality, but because of lack of mass industrial production lead to personalized and cannot be considered as "accessories", best known as the "tools". People pro gaze with practical home decor is a practical function, both appreciate the common items, lamps and lanterns, tableware, kitchenware, furniture, textiles, fitness equipment, toys etc., even some delicate household appliances also is a good choice.
So, exactly what kind of home accessories to by the market Pro gaze? Both practical and decorative, endowed with cultural connotation and expression of creative personality household ornaments is perhaps the best answer. The core theme of creative household items is "creativity" ". Is not common in the street, in the home can be seen everywhere in the pots and pans. Conventional household goods at home there for many, many years, people are most concerned about is their practicability, and creative household items in addition to better satisfy this kind of practical, but also have appearance, function and other aspects of the creative point and flash point.
Creative household items emphasize the combination of functions, many have a variety of functions, set the ornamental and practical as one. Such as a "pig bathroom four pieces", the soap box, a toothbrush box, bottle of hand sanitizer and rubbing operation towel design into a pretty pink several pig shape, let every time you went into the bathroom, will have a warm, a leisure to accompanied, tired of a day's work and therefore to a certain degree of ease. Or a "cheap dog mix sound", black and white and a branch, styling is very interesting, can be placed on both sides of the computer, at any time to see is a kind of enjoyment, and its technical parameters are good, sound effect also fly does not than traditional speakers of the same level of difference.
At present, creative home supplies in the market is not much. Because of its special design and production process, the design work occupies a large portion, so it is difficult to a large number of popular in the market. This needs to get out of the homogenization of the plight of enterprises in product development to pay more money, technology and other aspects of investment, and the most important is the change in the concept of thinking to take refuge in the turn. Market outlook is beyond doubt, with the people's living standards more and more improved, the public consumption level of continuous improvement, directly induce people to a higher level of interest in the pursuit of life. Fashion, quality, personality, has increasingly become an important theme of office life, an indispensable; importance of domestic act the role ofing highlight make creative home decoration has become a trend, fashion and creative activities in the domestic market demand for space in strongly stimulate consumption will become an unprecedented broad.
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