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Kitchen hardware companies need to abandon the narrow thinking

As is known to all, it is very important that the fittings of kitchen utensils and appliances, especially the hardware, it is related to the quality and service life of the product. However, looking at the development of the current hardware industry, the situation is not optimistic, the product homogeneity serious, brand throughout, quality is not a, these are serious obstacles to the development of the industry.
Kitchen hardware industry competition is becoming increasingly fierce
Although a large number of domestic kitchen hardware industry, but the real can be recognized by consumers and the brand is known to be very few. Although the development of good posture, but lower levels of competition, quantitative change when lead to a qualitative change, the industry is also a lack of real power of innovation to promote the leap in such a hierarchy. It is understood that the future competition will still be the brand, quality and channel. Especially in the future market competition will no longer be the competition of domestic enterprises, foreign enterprises Chinese kitchenware hardware giants have entered the market, foreign enterprises in accelerating action China acquisition.
Kitchenware hardware companies need to abandon the narrow thinking of development
Today, kitchen hardware industry has already begun in high-end ranking to advanced, from the previous traditional workshop style manufacturing began to enterprise brand design. Famous brand products more and more new middle-class consumers. While the domestic development of the narrow makes the whole industrial chain can not be extended, it is difficult to form a system, the development of serialization. The lack of brand awareness makes domestic kitchen hardware not born famous enterprises and star products. Most companies can only become an agent of the international brand "wage", most enterprises can only kitchenware hardware in the vast market to become a supporting role". Therefore, enterprises have to adjust the hardware from the multi start, enhance the brand concept, change the mode of production, the hardware "fertile" soil should not be "foreign" work.
In short, kitchen hardware enterprises should not only focus on quality, the pursuit of innovation, but also spend more time doing marketing strategy, can be in an invincible position in the market.
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