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Hardware tool industry in the future will face five major changes

China, though they have nearly 6000 hardware tools production enterprises, it is still not a great power, from the historical evolution, world hardware tool manufacturing experience from Europe and the United States to Japan, Taiwan, India transfer process, and transfer from Japan, Taiwan, India to China along the coast of the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta Delta and other areas, most of China's hardware tools enterprises is still give priority to the export processing trade in crude imitation type, or for the United States, Japan and other many large by the sales contract.
Hardware tools industry in China is exploring actively. It also presents the future hardware tools industry in the development of new direction, compared with the international hardware tool industry development and China hardware tool industry status quo, hardware tools industry will face adapt to the market, participate in international competition, aimed at the world's advanced, and actively adjust the product structure, expand the space for competition, is the way the development of hardware tools in China.
Hardware tool industry faces five major changes
1. To change the current hardware tools coarse imitation type production mode to fine hardware transformation enterprises in Shanghai tools in the production of products currently most is hole of dough, rough machining, lower level, high energy consumption, most enterprises use carbon steel materials as hardware tools production base. Product profit in 8 - 10%, a pair of wire cutters, a hand in hand profit only a few cents, selling price only 10 yuan in the following, the raw materials and the use of foreign hardware tools product to chromium vanadium alloy steel based, production quality hardware tool prices are at around 100 yuan, 10 times the price difference, this and the status of the metropolis of Shanghai don't match, and domestic and international business, advanced manufacturing industry are looking forward to high grade products.
2 to change the current hardware products old faces, autark
Tool of our country hardware products with broad space for development, with reported American Sinaiang Tools Co., Ltd, a company production and sales of hardware tools have more than 3000 kinds of varieties, tens of thousands of specifications, equivalent to six times the sum of the product of our country tool, so do not stare at the old old products, old faces to open a line of thought. If not in the varieties and styles have big breakthrough, it can not meet the requirements of the international and domestic market, hardware tools product variety and quantity to have greatly increased, should increase the degree of new product development, to fill gaps in the product hardware tool, hardware tool industry to have new vitality. The Danaher tool (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Shanghai Changqing Electrical Industry Co., Ltd., Shanghai horse gas dynamic tools Co., Ltd., Shanghai woshi gardening Co., Ltd. in the forefront, new products every year, every year development.
3 to change the traditional sales model to the modern sales network
The establishment of a modern marketing system, to achieve seven extensions, one to the domestic first-class trading, first-class hardware city extension, so that the product has become a full range of display, exchange, cooperation platform. Two is an extension to the international direction to attract more foreign businessmen to preferential policies. Three is to extend the invisible market, and gradually realize the extension of e-commerce online transactions, the establishment of online market. Four is to extend the distribution market. Five is to extend the chain, in the country to build a unified name, unified logo, uniform distribution of the chain of sub markets. Six is to extend the direction of the equipment industry. Seven is the establishment of marketing agencies in the field, so that it has become the forefront of the field of products to the field.
4 to implement the brand strategy change
Hardware mold industry well-known brand marketing expert Luo Baihui thinks, enterprises should develop brand construction planning, increase investment in technological transformation and technological innovation, improve product quality, to the specialized, refined, unique, the new direction of the brand development, to attract the attention of the market, turn hostility into friendship, among the forest of the world famous brands.
5 to change the current hardware tools production enterprise alone phenomenon, walk the road of brand cooperation, joint.
Now China's rapid industrial development, hardware tools to keep up with the industry development of our country, to all walks of life to meet the rapid development needs, like Cedel brand, combined with the best production enterprises in our country, production of superior products, every year to 30% of the increase, last year fine hardware Union set hardware tools exhibition of shipbuilding industry, mould industry in Shanghai International Exhibition is a good form.
At present, our country is in the economic transition period, the development of hardware tool industry is also facing a big adjustment. We believe that after 30 years of reform and development, just as the lead, to speed up the transformation of development mode and structural adjustment to the scientific development concept, in the face of adversity grasp opportunities for development, the outlook of the hardware tools industry must renew.
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