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Domestic furniture hardware accessories design level, manufacturing skills still need to be improved

There are hundreds of brands of furniture hardware in the international market, but the market has a certain degree of visibility of the enterprise is very few, especially the international hardware products to enter the ranks of senior product is even less. Broad hardware enterprises should recognize and my kingdom with hardware design, manufacturing technology and management level is relatively backward, and the industry flourishing nation compare still significant immature.
China hardware accessories industry has quietly come to the design period. At the same time, the design is increasingly becoming a bottleneck in the development of hardware accessories industry in china. Hardware enterprises must go through the development of high and new technology furniture hardware accessories product design and consumption level, the management of the joint venture to slow down, so that China's furniture hardware accessories industry more on a new level.
In certain circumstances, because a specific skill or brand first in the industry of other companies, will inevitably lead to the development of all enterprises. For example, hardware, brand, brand, in short, ichthyosaurs confusion, once a hardware lock business have a advanced patent technology, after will be repeated replication, which is the industry one of the major drawbacks of, companies need to try to remove.
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